Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Shop Window Cards

I often browse through craft groups and online shops and whilst doing this a few weeks back I saw an idea I'd like to try. After quite a few different sketches to work out the best way to construct it, and a couple of prototypes, this is what I came up with.

This one is going to be for my mum's birthday and is a beautiful watercolour cafe or coffee shop with dainty teacups and teapot and lots of yummy looking cakes.

I added a verse to the card which opens out like a normal card, helping give the card stability when standing.

There is a choice of decoration pieces and sentiments you can choose from, which allows you to create unique cards. The whole card fits into a card box as it doesn't fold flat.

You can watch the tutorial I made for this card on my youtube channel. It might look quite tricky but apart from cutting out the decorations, which may be fiddly (it will depend on the design), it is fairly straightforward. Where you attach the decorations is up to you and you may find it easier to assemble the box part of the card before adding the decorations or add them to the back panel first so you can work unencumbered by the window. It's really up to you - I did a bit of both in the tutorial.

Click the picture below if you'd like to purchase the card shown.

I have also made this version - a cute Parisian cafe with a girl sitting outside under the parasol.

I will be designing more variations and I will also make the template available so you can design your own. The inspiration for this card came from a Tattered Lace Die and they have dies for lots of different embellishments too if you find the fiddly out difficult.
That's all from me for now. I'm going to get on with some more designing for the rest of the day and take it easy after grocery shopping yesterday! I need to replenish my meal planner and shopping list organiser soon so I think I will be designing some new Hanging Organisers as well as more Shop Window Cards.
Have a great day
Suz :-)