Saturday, 4 December 2010

Award From Dawn!! And Surprise Anniversary Gift!

Well I got home after a short weekend away to celebrate my anniversary to find I had this award from Dawn at Thank you so much Dawn.

I had a lovely surprise from my husband for my anniversary (and joint christmas and birthday) of golden tickets to see one of my favourite bands, 30 Seconds to Mars! We got in early and were given a bag with goddies in! Then we got to meet the band - very briefly and get their autographs (which I've given to my daughter and her friend as I'm not really fussed about that kind of thing - just squiggles anyway!!). After that we had our photo taken with the band and then got to watch them at the side of the stage before going on stage for the last song!! Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I guess I'm a rock chic at heart!! After all that we stayed at a nearby hotel and ordered our cooked breakfast with croissants and trimmings in the hotel room!! So I'm feeling very spoilt at the moment!!

The children are still at my mums so I'm spending the evening crafting and wrapping presents!


  1. Oooooh sounds like a perfect anniversary for you!!! Glad you had a fab time!!!
    Big Hugs
    Dawn xxx

  2. Ah, glad you enjoyed your anniversary Suz....what a fab surprise from your DH! Have fun wrapping pressies.....still got mine to do :-/ Hugs, Ali xx

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