Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Very Own Little Design Team!!

Well I decided today to make Nienna (my 8 year old Daughter!) the first memebr of my design team and Theo (7 year old son!) the second member upon his request!!! I'm going to get them working on some projects soon and as I'm teaching them how to design digital sheets I will get them to make some for you all as freebies!
Nienna helped me to test out my new box template which will be available on Card Making Downloads and Crafty Card making in the next few days. I will take a photo and upload it tomorrow! I didn't get time today as I had to rush over to my mum's as she was struggling to cope since breaking her arm just before Christmas. My brother was here until Sunday to help but has now gone home.
Sleep tight everyone
Suz x


  1. What fun Suz! Nothing like a bit of nepotism!!!!! lol!
    Hope your mum is okay & can't wait to see what your DT come up with!!!
    Dawn xxx

  2. What a brilliant idea! Watch out though, they'll be after the boss' job before you know it, And they'll want paying no doubt!!! Lol!!

    hugs, Ali xx